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    The Unexpected Ways Your Body Responds To Exercise

    The Unexpected Ways Your Body Responds To Exercise

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    Did you have a weird reaction to exercise lately?

    There’s no denying the benefits of exercise and its positive effects on overall health. The awareness surrounding exercise has increased its popularity everywhere in the country. But there’s a catch! Aside from the mindblowing results of exercising, some outcomes might act as “oops” moments.      


    These unexpected reactions to exercising might be a little awkward for some. But, let’s not shy away from them—Better embrace them—We are only human! Let’s check out how the body can sometimes react a little differently to exercise. 

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    1. Peeing A Little

    You might wet your gym pants or leggings a little because of peeing when vigorously exercising. This mishap happens more to women than men because women have delicate pelvic floor muscles. When the body is pushed through strenuous exercises, peeing is common, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly if it happens regularly. 

    What is the remedy? Well, there are exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and should be incorporated daily in the exercising regime. Some of them are Kegels, squats, split tabletop, and bridge.            



    2. Breaking Wind and Queefing

    Farting is quite common when taking Zumba classes or during yoga sessions. In fact, some people like to exercise for the sole purpose of aiding the digestive process. Exercising gets rid of bloating and helps to improve digestion. Physical activities help with flatulence and getting out the excess gastric acid from the digestive tract. The most helpful are the core exercises, as you are squeezing the digestive system muscles which in turn push out the buildup of gastric acid inside the tract. If you suffer from painful indigestion and bloating problems, try these stretches: wide-legged forward bend C, child’s pose, and open triangle bends.

    Let’s talk about queefing. It is passing the gas—not from the anus—from the vagina. This happens when the air pocket, which is trapped inside your vagina, escapes and makes an audible sound. It takes place while working out. Queefing is all-natural and not alarm-worthy. Relaxing and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles by practicing kegels and bridge can be beneficial. 



    3. One might end up crying or having a dry eye

    Getting emotional while working out is quite recurrent for some, especially if you are a part of yoga classes. Yoga helps to reconnect with your inner self and this might have emotional out-turns. People pay to cry and to let out all the negative energy from inside. An intense pose like the “Pigeon Pose”, which is the hip-opener can actually make you cry. Raise your hand if you recently performed one of the reflective yoga poses to embrace your emotions. The reason why you feel emotional is the increase in endorphins and adrenaline that triggers the emotional reaction. 

    In some instances, the effects are quite the opposite. You might experience dryness in the eyes while exercising. Some even complained of itching and increased strain in the eyes. This happens due to a decrease in the moisture of the eyes. When you actively participate in sports activities or practices, the blink rates get dropped as these physical activities require visual coordinations. The decreased blink rates are accompanied by decreased moisture and increased dryness.          



    4. One might get turned on

    Exercising has uber-cool effects. When exercising, you release endorphins, a chemical that is produced by your body and interacts with the receptors in the brain. The endorphins reduce pain perceptions and induce pleasurable sensations—mimics the effects of morphine. Workouts also increase the levels of testosterone in the body, which results in increased blood flow in the reproductive organs. This increased blood flow can excite you and provide an overall good feeling. This also increases sexual performance. Other hormones, such as adrenaline and dopamine are also released during workout sessions. These hormones make you feel healthy, happy, and confident!  



    5. Yawning

    How common it is to catch someone yawning in a yoga class? A common sight in every class, isn’t it? Yawning doesn’t always mean that the person is bored or uninterested. Yawning during physical activities might be the attempt of the body to calm and cool down the brain. 

    This is a natural reflex and nothing to worry about. The positive thing is your fitness trainer knows about this body’s reaction and won’t take it personally! What a relief, isn’t it?



    6. The stunning frenzy—Orgasm!

    Yes, you heard that right! Having an orgasm while exercising is not a common occurrence, but some have reported experiencing it. Workout-induced orgasmic experience feels like the normal one, from contracting and relaxing muscles, working out a few body areas.  A few of the exercises that trigger the orgasmic phase are core workouts, lifting weights, cycling, and pole fitness workout sessions. 

    We went through all the eyebrow-raising ‘oops’ moments while exercising. Some effects might be gross and awkward, but don’t let them deter you from exercising. They are not dangerous. Don’t neglect the good effects of working out due to some weird moments. 


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