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    21 New Arrivals From Nordstrom, H&M, And Mango That Are Making The IT Fashion Editors Go Weak In Their Knees

    21 New Arrivals From Nordstrom, H&M, And Mango That Are Making The IT Fashion Editors Go Weak In Their Knees

    Photo: @marvaldel

    Fashion is a constantly changing game, and if you’re a part of it, you have to keep up with it. It’s a good thing some of our favorite retailers know what’s hot on the scene and what’s not. New arrivals pop up in stores with the new trends that quickly take over the world before you know it. And if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe for the season, you’re timing is impeccable. If you’re tired of not being able to find something that catches your eye, these new arrivals from Nordstrom, H&M, and Mango might just change your mind. They have been our go-to favorites for a while now and do their absolute best to keep us updated with the trends.

    Don’t thank us just yet till you see what we have in store for you. After going through what felt like a never-ending list of the new arrivals, we finally narrowed down the chosen ones. We have no doubt that you’ll instantly fall in love with this amazing list. Now is definitely a good time to shop the freshest pick of the week because you never know when you might see it again.

    Keep scrolling to find what suits you perfectly before anyone else can lay eyes on it.

    All products featured on The Influence Times are selected based on what our editors truly love. If you end up purchasing through our links, we may earn a small affiliate commission.

    1. SKIMS

    SKIMS Adult Seamless Knit Face Mask ($8)

    With the virus still running rampant, prevention is without a doubt, better than cure. So remember to always wear a mask when you step out and if you’re looking for something new, then this seamless face mask by SKIMS has literally got you covered. It fits comfortably without feeling too bulky.

    2. Naked Wardrobe

    Naked Wardrobe x Lori Harvey Open Back Turtleneck Crop Top ($45)

    Back cutouts are definitely one way to give your look a generous helping of edginess. An upgraded version of the classic turtleneck will ensure nothing but compliments and will definitely leave you with many admirers.

    3. Naked Wardrobe

    Naked Wardrobe x Lori Harvey Fleece Sweatpants ($56)

    We might already have too many sweatpants, but nothing’s stopping us from getting one more. And this one is definitely an amazing choice whether you choose to step out in it or sit all cuddled up at home in it.

    4. Socialite

    Socialite Waffle Knit Wide Leg Jumpsuit ($55)

    Waffle-knit fabric feels ridiculously soft against your skin and it’s definitely unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. if you’re too lazy or not in the mood to pair two separated clothing items for a casual day, all you have to do is slip into this and you’re ready.

    5. UGG

    UGG Ultra Mini Classic Boot ($139.95)

    No matter how tall or how flat a UGG boot is, it will never stop being incredibly snug and warm. If you feel the slightest chill in the air, just slip your feet into these super cozy boots and you’re good to go.

    6. KUT From The Kloth

    KUT From The Kloth Reese Raw Step Hem Ankle Straight Leg Jeans ($89)

    The more worn-out it looks, the more appealing and undeniably stylish it gets. That’s the case with this pair of ankle jeans. The ripped design on the faded and whiskered denim gives it an effortlessly edgy look and a very flattering fit.

    7. Topshop

    Topshop Ribbed Wide Leg Lounge Trousers ($68)

    You might not want to be seen in your favorite old sweatpants in public, so here’s a much more refined version that you’ll definitely love. They’re just as cozy and perfect for lounging around in or stepping out to get your errands done.

    8. Mango

    Mango Pleated Volume Clutch ($59.99)

    Any outfit is incomplete if you don’t have the perfect bag to carry around. With a pleated design, this clutch is super edgy and perfect for carrying around your essentials and more.

    9. H&M

    H&M Rib-Knit Cardigan ($19.99)

    It’s never too late for a decadently soft cardigan. And when it’s as cozy as this cotton-blend one, then we can assure you that you’ll love it. This plush rib-knit cardigan in a boxy silhouette is perfect to snuggle up in on a chilly day.

    10. Mango

    Mango Ribbed Fine-Knit Sweater ($49.99) $17.99

    Ribbed tops and sweaters have definitely got a special place in our hearts. They are effortlessly easy to style and make dressing up a lot more fun. With a sleek open back, this top also has a bow fastening on the neck and back.

    11. H&M

    H&M Slouch Straight High Jeans ($49.99)

    Partnered with Lee, H&M brings you these uber-cool slouchy silhouette jeans. Given the popularity of straight fitted jeans with a slouchy twist, this is one pair that should undoubtedly be a part of your closet.

    12. Mango

    Mango Leather Boots With Tall Leg ($229.99)

    Is there any possible way to go wrong with a sleek black leather boot? We definitely can’t think of any, especially not when the boot looks as gorgeous as this one.

    13. H&M

    H&M Dolman-Sleeved Top ($17.99)

    Dolman sleeves make an impressive statement on this top. A cheeky low V-neck cutout adds even more drama, as if there wasn’t enough already!

    14. Mango

    Mango Set Of Embossed Rings ($19.99)

    How many rings are too many? Just another set won’t harm anyone! Gold accents are definitely our favorite and make any outfit look effortlessly stylish without the need to try too hard.

    15. H&M

    H&M Ribbed Top ($24.99)

    A sweetheart neckline gives this simple top a sophisticated and elegant look. In a fitted rib-knit silhouette, you can pair this top with pretty much anything and look effortlessly chic. We can guarantee you that this will become your closet favorite.

    16. Mango

    Mango Geometric Print Midi Dress ($99.99) $39.99

    With spring around the corner, this flowy midi dress will make a gorgeous statement. The geometric design gives this dress a one-of-a-kind pattern and we know you’ll fall in love with it.

    17. H&M

    H&M Oversized Shirt Jacket ($34.99)

    If it’s oversized, then it’s definitely in vogue, and you’ve got to have it. That certainly applies to this super-edgy oversized shirt. No matter what you wear, the moment you throw an oversized shirt over your ensemble, you’re part of the popular crowd.

    18. Mango

    Mango Slim Chain Necklace ($25.99)

    Gold accessories have the upper hand when it comes to jewelry, and for a good reason. A sleek gold chain like this elevates any outfit effortlessly and you can also layer it with many more.

    19. H&M

    H&M Wide Ultra High Waist Jeans ($39.99)

    H&M has teamed up with Lee to give you the best denim you always dreamt of. In an ultra high waist silhouette, these jeans are incredibly flattering on any figure and accentuate your curves perfectly. And you can always give white denim a try if you’re tired of blue.

    20. Mango

    Mango Pleated Knitted Dress ($59.99) $19.99

    A sleek dress stitched in a classic knitted fabric is the perfect elite addition to your wardrobe. Be the epitome of elegance as you step out in the beautiful dress whether it’s a brunch date or a stroll around town.

    21. H&M

    H&M Joggers ($17.99)

    Joggers are undoubtedly the one clothing item our closets are incomplete without. You can never have too many of them, so why not add another pair! These relaxed-fit joggers from H&M are super snug and might just leave you lounging around in it.

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