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    I Owe My Glowing Skin to This Clean & Non-Toxic Beauty Brand

    I Owe My Glowing Skin to This Clean & Non-Toxic Beauty Brand

    My skincare journey has always been a roller coaster ride that witnessed a greater number of lows than highs until I was introduced to a beauty brand called Model Off Duty Beauty. At first, I just gave it a try because I had nothing to lose; but trust me, in just a mere week, I was taken aback. I witnessed a glow in my skin like never before. It was surreal. Not too long ago, people used to come up to me and ask me about my damaged skin and that literally shook my confidence. But, Model Off Duty Beauty helped me change the narrative – now people come up to me and compliment me for my skin. I am going to stick to this brand like my life depends on it. Read on to know about my journey with the brand.

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    This magical brand delivers what it claims. In fact, when I say Model Off Duty Beauty made a real impact on my life, I mean it because this brand changed my life inside and out. I owe my glowing skin and my confidence to this clean & non-toxic beauty brand. I have always had sensitive skin and just when I came to an unfortunate conclusion, that my sensitive skin will never find a good skincare experience, Model Off Duty Beauty came into my life. The first product that I added to my regimen was MODB’s Dream Glow Moisture Cream and for the first time in my life, a moisturizer did not react with my sensitive skin. Instead, it made my skin glow.

    That literally helped me build up the courage to try other products by the brand. I had wanted to add retinol into my regimen but for some reason, it did more harm than good to my skin. But I came across the Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum on the Model Off Duty Beauty website. They claimed bakuchiol is a natural retinol alternative and helps in getting rid of inflammation and acne in no time without the side effects. They stood by their words. Just in a week, my acne had almost diminished and the marks got significantly lighter. My skincare was finally working, it was like witnessing a dream turn into reality.

    Skincare – That’s CLEAN & PERFORMS!

    Another amazing thing about Model Off Duty Beauty is that the brand is so transparent. When I use a skincare product, I am made aware of the ingredients I am feeding to my skin. There are plenty of brands calling their products’ ingredients natural and organic and they are all fake claims, I know it because I have tried them. But this brand has no questionable ingredients. Every ingredient is found from a natural source and is vegan, clean, non-toxic, super effective, and high-quality. Moreover, the products are sustainable and cruelty-free as well. If you have been scared of starting a skincare routine or are tired of the fake-claiming brands, switch to MODB, because you deserve the glow of your dreams.

    Here are all the products by Model Off Duty Beauty that make up my everyday skincare routine.

    I truly wish that I found them sooner.


    Dewy Me Vitamin C Cleanser

    This MODB cleanser is my pick for a safe and efficient cleanse. It is gentle so it never excessively dries my skin but effectively removes all the excess oil and dirt. It is all I could have ever asked for.

     2. TONER

    Glow Potion Exfoliation Toner 

    Before I found Model Off Duty Beauty, toners literally scared me. But, unlike all the tingling toners out there, this toner has made me understand that skincare is supposed to be soothing and relaxing. And this toner offers just that, a refreshing, soothing, calming experience.


    Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum

    Bakuchiol is soul food for my skin. I never knew my skin craved the goodness of this natural retinol alternative product, before I found this.

    4. FACE OIL

    Youth Illuminating Face Oil

    I also made peace with the fact that facial oils are not made for my sensitive skin. But this MODB facial oil changed my mind. This is why my skin gloriously glows today.


    Dream Glow Moisture Cream

    Last but not the least, this Model Off Duty Product is my absolute favorite. It is lightweight but it essentially moisturizes. From now onward, this is my pick for well hydrated and moisturized skin.

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