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    6 Ways To Prevent The Formation Of Wrinkles On Your Neck

    6 Ways To Prevent The Formation Of Wrinkles On Your Neck

    Photo: @danigschulz

    Aging is an inevitable process, and it comes with the undeniable presence of wrinkles and fine lines. The timeline for it is different for each person, and it also depends on the various contributing factors, including lifestyle and genetics. The age we live in now is highly dependent on technology, and if there’s one thing we can’t do without, it’s our phones. This has caused a condition called ‘tech neck,’ which we come across wherever we go. The repetitive movement of staring at your phone, tablet, or computer increases the possibility of a tech neck, which can cause wrinkles. One way to reduce this is to keep your device at the eye-level that prevents unnecessary strain. The smallest change in a regular habit can make a lasting difference.

    Whether you’re blessed with good genes or not, only time will tell when the wrinkles will make their way to the surface of your skin. Poor lifestyle choices will only make the appearance of wrinkles quicker. Making tweaks to these choices is important if you want to maintain your skin in your 20s! With the habits that many of us have nowadays with our electronic devices, we forget how much strain is put on our necks, which will eventually cause lines and wrinkles. At times we also tend to forget just how delicate our neck’s skin is, which requires just as much care as our faces.

    From the many ways to prevent or at least delay neck wrinkles, we’ve listed a few that you could start off with, if you haven’t already and get ready to see a difference that you will be thankful for.

    How To Prevent Wrinkles On Your Neck

    1. Sunscreen

    We all know just how important sunscreen is as soon as you step out of the house. The maximum exposure we receive is from the sun, and it adds to the development of lines and wrinkles. The neck tends to be forgotten when it comes to the application of sunscreen. Make it a habit to always apply sunscreen to your neck from now on.

    2. Posture

    The posture you maintain impacts your body significantly. The most prominent reason for tech neck is terrible posture and the habit of constantly looking down at our devices. This puts a strain on your neck that will give you aches and pains to last for life. If this is a habit you’re already used to, like most of us, consider a change in posture before it gets worse. Instead of straining your neck to look down at your screen, change your screen’s position to ensure that it’s at the eye-level. It may take some time to adjust to this, but in the long run, you’ll be thankful.

    3. Retinol

    Retinol has been tried and tested and proved to work wonders for slowing down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it stimulates collagen production. With neck skin being comparatively more delicate, it is advised to start with retinol at least once or twice a week and gradually increase it as your skin adjusts. Keep your neck looking as youthful as your face.

    4. Botox

    The idea of getting Botox might be scary, but if you fall into the range of someone who’ll do anything to prevent wrinkles, then no harm in giving this a try. Botox effectively targets the required area thus preventing or reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It tightens the skin in such a way that it gives you a more slimmer look from the jawline to the neck.

    5. Collagen

    Collagen is an essential element and protein in the human body as it helps with elasticity and glows. As the years’ pass, the production of natural collagen starts to slow down, and while you may or may not notice it, it affects our skin and bodies over time. This is where liquid collagen comes to the rescue. To ensure that your face and neck retain a healthy glow, invest in a good collagen serum like this one, apply it as prescribed, and see the change for yourself.

    6. Hydrate

    Last but never least is the need to keep your body hydrated. Along with consuming water, keeping your skin generously moisturized also counts as hydration. Not only will your body thank you for having a healthy intake of water, but your skin will experience a glow like never before. When all else fails, always resort to water because it really is a miracle worker. Along with keeping you refreshed, it also maintains the elasticity of your skin, therefore, preventing wrinkles on your face and your neck.

    The IT’s Recommended Skincare Products To Achieve Wrinkle-Free Skin

    Model Off Duty Beauty Dream Glow Moisture Cream

    Model Off Duty Beauty Dream Glow Moisture Cream

    This moisture cream by MODB is honestly a go-to skincare product for us. And why not? When a moisturizer can single-handedly make the skin smooth, refreshed, rejuvenated, glowing, and healthy, who would like to give it a miss? Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, and multiple aging signs in just a few applications of this unbelievably good moisture cream.

    Algenist GENUIS Liquid Collagen

    Algenist GENUIS Liquid Collagen

    This treatment serum is your pick to make your skin bouncy while battling fine lines and wrinkles. Filled with vegan collagen and microalgae oil, this serum will heal, hydrate, and nourish your skin, giving it a youthful appearance.

    SkinCeuticalsTripeptide-R Neck Repair

    SkinCeuticalsTripeptide-R Neck Repair

    Specifically designed to target the wrinkles and fine lines on your neck, this skincare product by SkinCeuticals is your one-stop solution for neck-aging. Formulated with retinol and tripeptide, the corrective technology in this product is safe for daily use. So make your neck look as smooth as the rest of your face with this exceptional skincare pick.

    Model Off Duty Beauty Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum

    Model Off Duty Beauty Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum

    Yes, retinol is your answer to multiple aging signs. But retinol is not always harmless for the skin. If you fear side effects from retinol, opt for its natural alternative – bakuchiol – in your skincare routine. This bakuchiol-infused serum from Model Off Duty Beauty is the perfect pick for anyone who wishes to boost collagen production of the skin, make the skin more elastic, and defeat the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but in a much more gentle manner.

    Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

    Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

    Shield your skin from sun damage and multiple aging signs with this SPF 40 sunscreen from Supergoop! It is a lightweight, fragrance-free skincare product that feels like it’s not even there! A non-greasy formula, combined with ingredients that restore a youthful appearance – this is the sunscreen of every skincare lover’s dream!

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