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    Daintiest Celebrity Tattoos That We Are Obsessed With- Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner & More

    Daintiest Celebrity Tattoos That We Are Obsessed With- Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner & More

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    Photo: @vanessahudgens

    If you are not commitment-phobic and love adorning your body, tattoos are meant for you. Getting a tattoo is a huge step; getting something permanent on your body is definitely significant in itself. A tattoo is not only permanent but defines your personality as well, so it’s essential to be careful while choosing a design. That’s where dainty tattoos enter the picture; they are small, they are cute, they take less space, and they look more attractive.

    This is why we thought of creating a list of dainty celeb tattoos that you will love getting inked in your body without any second thoughts. From Rihanna to Miley Cyrus to Kylie Jenner, you’ll find all your favorite celebrities below, flaunting their tattoos. Are you all perked up? So are we! Scroll below if you want to emulate a celeb-approved dainty tattoo (or tattoos!) and stun everyone around you.


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    Lucy Hale

    Though the tattoo is simple, its extraordinarily aesthetic look makes it so alluring. Inked in Italic font, the tattoo features a timeless charm and clean finishing that will look jaw-droppingly stunning on anyone.


    Ashley Benson

    Tattooed on the side breast, this little heart on Ashley Benson is just too cute to ignore. It’s so tiny yet so adorable! You can get this side tattoo anywhere, be it your wrist, waist, or lower back.


    Vanessa Hudgens

    We are head over heels in love with this inked angel on this angelic beauty. The best part about the tattoo is that it features a subtle shading of ink that gives it a touch of sophistication.



    Are you a science nerd who is a fan of tattoos? Kesha’s Saturn tattoo on her palm is perfect for you. She got this tattoo in 2015, but the design gives it a timeless appeal. So, now you know which tattoo to get in order to satiate your space obsession!


    Zoë Kravitz

    Zoe has a tattoo of an anchor on the inner side of her arm. The thin lines of the tattoo makes it simple yet attractive. This tattoo, created by Dr. Woo, is just brilliance personified.


    Lady Gaga

    The pop singer and queen of unconventional fashion got an aesthetically pleasing rose inked on her back. She also got “la vie en rose” which means life in pink, isn’t this just adorable?



    The woman with a melodious voice and a cutesy tattoo. Yes, we are talking about. Adele. She got the word ‘paradise’ inked on her side palm in a very clean yet raw-like font that can work for everyone. Imagine wearing a statement ring and flaunting your tattoo – now that sounds perfect!


    Megan Fox

    Let’s take notes from Megan Fox on how to adorn our wrists with tattoos in the best way. Here Megan got a yin and yang inked on her wrist which looks perfect on her. So, if you wish to exude a spiritual vibe, this tattoo is meant for you.


    Cara Delevingne

    When it comes to self love, Cara will top the list. She proudly and vividly got her initials inked on the side palm. The dramatic font and flair of the tattoo is undoubtedly stunning.


    Ariana Grande

    If you’re planning to get a butterfly tattoo, take a look at Ariana’s tattoo and we bet you’ll be emulating the same. The clean finishing and adorable look of the tattoo is something that will look great on any woman.



    Looking for a tattoo that exudes nothing but savage and gangster vibe? Rihanna’s dainty gun tattoo is exactly what you’re looking for. Embossed on her side back, the tattoo looks cute and sassy at the same time, making it perfect for first timers.


    Lana Del Rey

    “Trust no one”- this tattoo, which we can all relate to at some point in life, proudly sits on Lana Del Rey’s hand. Though no one really knows the meaning behind this tattoo, it’s believed that it is somehow related to her controversial persona in the media. Quite intriguing!


    Chrissy Teigen

    Chrissy Teigen has added another tattoo her collection and to be honest, we are totally obsessing over it. She got the title of John Legend’s new song “Ooh Laa” on her back in very elegant font that goes well with her personality.


    Bella Hadid

    The world famous model got two tattoos on her arms in Arabic, which translates to “I Love You” and “My Love”. Thanks to the creativity of Dr. Woo, the tattoo doesn’t look at tacky, in fact, it exudes a sophisticated vibe that we are in love with.


    Lady Gaga

    Among many celebrities, Lady Gaga also raised her voice in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement by posting the picture of her tattoo featuring the peace symbol. In an effort to fight for equality, she also let her Instagram account be handled by numerous NGOs. Well, now that’s a tattoo with a cause!


    Dua Lipa

    If you’re someone who is getting a tattoo for the first time, check out Dua Lipa’s tattoo. The itsy-bitsy cute smiley tattoo will look adorable on anyone. The simplicity and the subtle look of the tattoo make it so stellar.


    Kaia Gerber

    The combination of heart and angel on Kaia’s shoulder and side back is just perfect. Inked in the most flawless manner, both the tattoos are aesthetic and will probably never go out of trend, thanks to the timeless design.


    Jordyn Jones

    Another butterfly tattoo that will make you feel butterflies in your stomach, credit goes to its cute look. The two teeny-weeny butterflies on her back look great with a backless dress. So, in case you can’t figure out what to ink on your body, this is the perfect option for you.


    Selena Gomez

    Here’s to the motivation of beginning anew that Selena is giving out through her semicolon tattoo. She got this tattoo to stand against bullying. Now that’s what we call the cutest and most meaningful tattoo one can have.


    Kylie Jenner

    Here’s to the best friend goals we need in our lives. Kylie and her best friend, Jordyn, got matching tattoos, a wavy m (that also looks like a heart beat!) on their pinky fingers. The thin line and red color of the tattoo make it the perfect tattoo to get with your best friend.


    Kelly Osbourne

    After the deadly attack at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where 50 people died, Kelly Osbourne was prompted to get this tattoo. Osbourne inked “Solidarity” on her shaved head, proudly flaunting the belief of equality that she stands for.


    Dove Cameron

    In honor of her friend, Cameron Boyce, the actress got the symbol of peace tattooed on her wrist. The tattoo features a gun with a rose shooting out from its mouth. The strong meaning of the tattoo makes it so special.


    Miley Cyrus

    When it comes to the best quirky tattoos, Miley will top the list. She got inked from Dr. Woo a jar of vegemite on her arm. Among her many tattoos, this one is the cutest and quirkiest, credit goes to its tiny size and hip design.


    Sophie Turner

    Sophie’s finger tattoo is as pretty as she is. The small fire silhouette on her finger looks small, cute, and sassy at the same time. If you ask us, we are already planning to get the same tattoo on our fingers, and why not? It is the epitome of dainty swag.



    Are you a flora fan but rose tattoos sound too cliché now? Well, Halsey’s structured tattoo is exactly what you’re looking for. The thin lines of the tattoo with structured shape of the petals is just too good to ignore.