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    17 Of The Best Chic And Sleek Leggings That You Will Want In Your Closet

    17 Of The Best Chic And Sleek Leggings That You Will Want In Your Closet

    Photo: @missjoslin

    Just like sweatpants, leggings have easily made their way into our closets, given how much time we’ve been spending at home. It is the one clothing item that is suitable for workouts and for lounging around later on. The perfect pair of leggings really can make all the difference. Whether you choose to follow your new years’ resolution of working out or not, there’s absolutely no harm in investing in some pretty amazing pairs of leggings that will make you feel like you’re as comfortable as possible.

    With the increase in the need and want for leggings, athleisure brands have done their best to step up their game to ensure nothing but happy customers. Safe to say that we’re definitely happy with the amazing collections we got to choose from to curate this list perfectly for you. From rib-knit fabric to patent leather, there is definitely something for every occasion, even if you just plan on staying at home.

    Keep scrolling for new legging styles to revamp your closet with.

    All products featured on The Influence Times are selected based on what our editors truly love. If you end up purchasing through our links, we may earn a small affiliate commission.

    1. Oyun Studio

    Oyun studio Ribbed Leggings ($140)

    These are undoubtedly the softest leggings you’ll ever own and while you might not want to workout in these, they’re still perfect for lounging around in. Get ready to make these your favorite.

    2. Leset

    Leset Rio Stretch-Ponte Stirrup Leggings ($150)

    Made from a soft Ponte fabric, these leggings are as stretchy as they can be and you won’t have to worry about it loosing its shape. With stirrup cuffs, there won’t be any problem of it rolling up either.

    3. Alala

    Alala Captain Crop Tight ($105)

    Sheer mesh detailing across the knees gives these cropped leggings an edgy look. Crafted from a quick dry fabric, it feels as lightweight post your workout as it was before you began your routine.

    4. Beyond Yoga

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging ($97)

    With a high waistband, these leggings fit absolutely snug on the body and are flattering in every way. They accentuate your curves to give you a much more elevated look.

    5. Adidas

    Adidas Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tights ($40)

    Comfort is the ultimate desire even as you laze around at home. These leggings from Adidas will ensure that. You can lounge around in these all day and if need be, even step out for a quick errand or two.

    6. Commando

    Commando Perfect Control Patent Leggings ($98)

    If you love standing out from the crowd, you’ll love these glossy patent leather leggings. Spend your night out in the town with your girls, dressed to the nines in these effortlessly edgy pants that are sure to make people stop and stare.

    7. SPLITS59

    SPLITS59 Sydney High Waist Techflex 7/8 ($120)

    Get ready for all the high impact activities possible with these incredibly comfortable and sleek high waist leggings. With chafe free flatlock seams, go about your routine without any irritation.

    8. Lululemon

    Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Crop 21″ ($88)

    Powered by Everlux, a fast-drying fabric, these leggings are going to make you feel like you haven’t had an intense workout session at all, even after having one. With the fabric being extremely breathable, you don’t have to worry about sweat during or after your workout.

    9. Lululemon

    Lululemon Align™ Pant 28″ ($98)

    If you are someone who is very specific about what you wear, these leggings are perfect for you. Made specially for your yoga sessions or any low-impact activities, it feels absolutely weightless and buttery soft against your skin, almost like it’s not even there.

    10. Zella

    Zella Live In High Waist Leggings ($59)

    As most of us still spend a lot of time at home, we need leggings that feel like they’re a part of us and these might just fit that description. Whether you choose to workout or not, these figure-sculpting leggings will be nearly impossible to get out of.

    11. Zella

    Zella High Waist Studio Lite Pocket 7/8 Leggings ($65)

    Leggings definitely earn bonus points from us when it comes with pockets and the ladies know exactly how important that is. As you break a sweat, these leggings remain incredibly lightweight due to the moisture-wicking fabric.

    12. SPANX

    SPANX Faux Leather Leggings ($98)

    Our life and our wardrobe are pretty much incomplete without a sleek pair of SPANX leggings. These leggings are best-selling for a reason, given how buttery soft it feels as soon as you slip into it.

    13. Vuori

    Vuori Daily Leggings ($84)

    Leggings have got a special place in our wardrobes and nothing can stop us from buying more picks like these that are incredibly plush and comfy and have ‘daily’ in their name. These jogger style leggings really are perfect for everyday activities.

    14. Naked Wardrobe

    Naked Wardrobe Snatched Rib Leggings ($46)

    High waisted leggings give you the perfect silhouette that accentuates your curves and is extremely flattering to wear even on a regular basis. Made from a ribbed fabric, it comes with built-in compression to give you a sleek fit.

    15. SKIMS

    SKIMS Rib Leggings ($52)

    SKIMS has been a blessing to those of us who don’t find our perfect fit anywhere else. The inclusive line, introduced by Kim Kardashian, has made all women feel confident as they get can their hands on exactly what they want. These rib leggings are the perfect example of comfort, breathability, and a sleek fit – all in one.

    16. Zella

    Zella Moto Ribbed High Waist Ankle Leggings ($69) $34.50

    Workouts are about to get a lot more interesting and comfortable when you slip into these chic rib-knit leggings. Crafted from a moisture-wicking fabric, these leggings are guaranteed to retain your coolness no matter how heated your workout gets.

    17. Alo

    Alo Airlift High Waist 7/8 Leggings ($114)

    The one thing you won’t have to worry about anymore is the nuisance of chafing. We know that can get particularly annoying and quite painful, but you can soon say goodbye to that with these sleek midi leggings that come with chafe-preventing flatlock seams, which is definitely the comfort you seek during your strenuous workout routine.

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