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    This Clean Facial Mask Is A Little Jar of Self-Care For Our Skin

    This Clean Facial Mask Is A Little Jar of Self-Care For Our Skin

    With the market booming with chemical-filled, toxic products, this face mask was like a ray of sunshine in our lives. This clean beauty product is the most soothing natural product we have ever found. We like to call it our little jar of self-care. Trust us, it’s a soothing escape from the chaos of life. It’s like a session of meditation, except it’s for our skin. We are talking about the Model Off Duty Beauty’s Superfood Skin Glow Mask.  Honestly, this clean facial mask has added a new sense of serenity to our skincare. Apart from the exceptionally healing experience, this MODB product has changed the way we feel about our skin. We are obsessed with the dreamy glow this mask has given us. It might sound a tad dramatic, but this facial mask deserves it all.

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    Radiance – Relaxation – Rejuvenation

    Although this clean beauty brand never fails to deliver what it promises, we particularly took our time before sharing our experience with this Model Off Duty Beauty mask. It is safe to say that adding one extra step into our routine completely transformed it. From now on, masking is an act of relief and relaxation for us. It has become an essential part of our daily routine. Why do you ask? Because this face mask alone has solved all our skincare concerns.

    Our skincare journey was wrecked before Model Off Duty Beauty came into our lives. Every product we used led to a bad case of acne breakout, but this MODB mask is all-natural. This chemical-free brand is a life savior for all of us with sensitive skin. Plus, we are obsessed with the texture of this mask. We use this creamy mask to instantly mattify our skin. It is our pick for gentle exfoliation that leaves the skin plump and optimally hydrated. We have found our holy grail product to safely and instantly bid farewell to tired-looking skin.


    Superfood Skin Glow Mask

    The Superfood Skin Glow Mask is a completely vegan and clean product. It is power-packed with entirely natural and highly effective ingredients to instantly rejuvenate and brighten the skin. Hold on, that’s not it, this product is an age reversal mask as well. Yes, it is capable of eliminating multiple signs of aging and gives you a visibly youthful glow. In fact, this clean facial mask is like a visit to a professional salon, it alone helps in getting rid of major issues like acne, dull skin, excessively dry skin, and congested skin.

    What Is In This MODB Mask?

    This is probably the best part of this phenomenal mask. It is made up of all-natural and potent superfoods like pumpkin and neem oil. Here is a list of all the ingredients and the benefits they add to your skincare regimen.


    This mask is power-packed with the strength of pumpkin. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and plenty of antioxidants. These components protect your skin from any kind of sun damage and prevent signs of aging like wrinkles.

    Neem Oil

    This is another ingredient that makes this mask a winner. Neem oil works by balancing the natural melanin secretion in your body. As a result, this mask brightens the skin and eliminates dark spots.

    Glycolic Acid

    This is the reason this clean facial mask is exfoliating in nature. Glycolic acid is excellent for exfoliation. With the help of glycolic acid, this mask effectively removes the dead cells to give you brighter and fresher skin.

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