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    Dealing With Stress? De-Stress With 6 Effective Relaxation Techniques

    Dealing With Stress? De-Stress With 6 Effective Relaxation Techniques

    Photo: Pinterest

    Stress has always been an inevitable part of life. In a fast-paced life, our senses tend to numb down, and this means that while we carry on with our lives in a rushed manner, we never find the time to pause for a moment and ‘smell the roses’. The end result is a never-ending cycle of stress and exhaustion that wears us down beyond repair. The only thing that can heal the tired mind and body is meditation. 

    Believe it or not, keeping aside a mere 10 minutes for meditation everyday can rejuvenate your mind and body like nothing else can. Simply closing your eyes and shutting down the unnecessary thoughts that run across your mind at a reckless speed can energize you for the rest of the day while offering you a level of clarity that can help you make the right decisions. 

    If you are worried about not being able to meditate the right way in your first attempt – here’s some good news. No one can conquer the art of meditation on the first try – and, there is actually no ‘right’ way to meditate. Anything that can help you kick out negative thoughts and needless worries out of your mind can be considered meditation. 

    Either way, since meditation in itself is a layered concept, with several types and techniques attached to it, we have listed 9 simple techniques to ace the meditation practice and heal your mind and body to experience utmost peace. 

    1. Tapping

    Photo: Pinterest

    Tapping involves acupressure and psychology. While practicing tapping, you need to concentrate on a negative emotion – fear, worry, nervousness, or some problem you are weighed down by. Holding on to that emotion, use your fingertips to tap five to seven times on nine specific meridian points of the body. This calms the nervous system and gives you a sense of relief and safety. The comforting pattern of your hands tapping against your body help switch off any uncomfortable feeling or thoughts.

    2. Sound Meditation

    Photo: Pinterest

    Turn on the speakers to try sound meditation. All you need to do is get engulfed in the sound emanating from crystal singing bowls, combined with white noise, chimes’ melodies, and nature’s sounds. You can also create your own sound meditation playlist that helps soothe your nerves better. Make sure to pick a sound that’s soothing, relaxing, and probably without vocals, so that it doesn’t distract you. Concentrate on the music which uplifts your harmonious state of mind.

    3. Guided Meditation

    Photo: Pinterest

    Using apps for guided meditation is also a great way to start practicing meditation. This technique is very helpful for absolute beginners. Guided meditation involves simple mindfulness techniques to explore your particular emotional landscape at that moment and help you delve deeper into the meditative state.

    4. Body Scanning

    Photo: Getty Images

    Body scan meditation is almost like going to a luxurious spa. It is normal to feel physical pain when experiencing emotional grief, and mental stress. Body scanning works on that physical pain. You need to lie down on a comfortable yoga mat or rug, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and get started. Begin by concentrating all your energy onto your feet and toes. Visualize areas of discomfort, and then breathe deep into your feet, blowing away the pain, acknowledging the discomfort. Then slowly move up to your legs, butt, arms, back to the top of your head. It requires patience and practice to get settled and used to this technique, but in the end, it’s worth it.

    5. Loving-Kindness Meditation

    Photo: Pinterest

    Also known as Metta meditation, loving-kindness meditation is rooted in curating compassion. This technique is a great way to boost joy and love for yourself and others around you. It helps in practicing forgiveness and healing. Try loving-kindness meditation by jotting down a compassionate mantra for yourself. It can be anything like “I deserve happiness and healing”, or “I will enjoy life to the fullest,” and sharing compassion for the world with notes like “May the world be happy and free.”

    6. Triangle Meditation

    Photo: Youtube

    Attaining something idealistic, like undisturbed relaxing moments, especially while meditating, is difficult. Instead, you may consider counting breath patterns to achieve relaxation benefits. Triangle meditation is one of the simplest meditations. Begin by visualizing four counts of breath up the side of the triangle to the top while inhaling, then pause, and count four breaths down the triangle’s side while exhaling, followed by four counts to complete the triangle when all air is expelled out from the lungs. Continue the visualization for as long as it makes you feel good and relaxed.

    7. Walking Meditation

    Photo: Pinterest

    How about turning your walk into a walking meditation? Meditation is rooted in mindfulness, in being present in the moment. A walking meditation makes you focus on all five senses and your surroundings. Try to feel your foot slowly touching the ground. Listen to the bristle of the leaves around. Count your breath, notice its speed going up and down. Walking meditation is the best way to ground yourself when stress begins to bog you down. It is the best way to switch off the stressful thoughts.

    8. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong

    Photo: Pinterest

    These three ancient practices combine rhythmic breathing with a series of postures or flowing movements. These techniques offer a mental focus to shut down the flow of racing thoughts, thereby enhancing your mental flexibility and emotional balance. However, make sure to consult your therapist or health practitioner before practicing these techniques, which may be challenging under health problems.

    9. Repetitive Prayers

    Photo: NBC News

    This meditation technique is all the more appealing if religion and spirituality mean much to you. All you need to do is silently repeat a short prayer or phrase from a blessing while practicing breath focus. This technique gives a sense of content, comfort, faith, and relaxation while surrendering your negative thoughts to the Almighty or to the Universe.