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    9 Facial Serums For An Otherworldly Glow | THE IT EXCLUSIVE

    9 Facial Serums For An Otherworldly Glow | THE IT EXCLUSIVE

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    If you are seeking glowing skin without the sticky, greasy feeling; your search ends right here. After scrolling through endless skincare products, countless hours of trial and error, and thorough research, we have curated a list of 9 facial serums for glowing skin. For a glow that lasts, you need products to fire up that internal hydration while deeply nourishing and protecting the skin. Every product in the list is essentially hydrating and holds the power to heal your skin. You don’t need to spend extravagantly for beauty treatments and procedures, all you need is a good and effective serum.  

    So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading for a list of magical facial serums that can give you an otherworldly glow.

    All products featured on The Influence Times are selected based on what our editors truly love. If you end up purchasing through our links, we may earn a small affiliate commission.


    Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Glow Day Serum

    If you are looking for that flawless glow, you need this Model Off Duty Beauty facial serum. The Youth Day Glow Serum is your key to nourished and glowing skin. Made up of highly powerful, natural, and gentle ingredients, this product is one of the safest picks out there. With an abundance of anti-aging effects, this product is suitable for all skin types. Plus, it stands out because unlike all the other facial serums, it is 100% clean, vegan, and cruelty-free as well.

    2. TATCHA

    Tatcha The Dewy Serum Resurfacing and Plumping Treatment

    Another exceptional pick for glowing skin is this facial serum by Tatcha. It is a three-in-one facial serum for skin brightening that is specifically tailored to deliver dewy, resurfaced, and plump skin. Power-packed with the strength of natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and squalane, this serum is ideal for all skin types. Apart from delivering a glowing appearance, this product also works to eliminate multiple signs of aging.

    3. CHANEL

    Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux

    If you are seeking a glowing appearance, you cannot forget the area around your eyes. This hydrating gel-based eye serum by Chanel is specifically curated to brighten and tighten the delicate skin under and around your eyes. Powered with Chanel’s patented micro-droplet technology, this product works to deliver instant results that last long. Furthermore, for mature skin, a consistent 28-day application can deliver revolutionary results.


    Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules

    Bring your skin back to life with this hyaluronic acid-based product by Dr. Barbara Sturm. It’s an everyday go-to product for anybody seeking instant hydration. Also, it is suitable for skin all skin types. Plus, it focuses on skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles unevenness, and dullness.


    Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum

    This moisture-locking hydration treatment by Kate Somerville is another product that delivers the ultimate luminous glow. This signature product by the brand is an essential step towards radiance. It is suitable for all skin types. Pick this to moisturize your skin and protect your skin against aging and harmful effects of the environment.


    Caudalie Vinoperfect Anti Dark Spot Serum

    Another facial serum that fights dark spots and pigmentation is this Caudalie product. This highly concentrated facial serum works well to defeat spots for even-toned and smooth skin. Pick this product for naturally glowing and brighter skin. Also, it is suitable for all skin types.

    7. LANCOME

    Lancome Advanced Génifique Anti-Aging Face Serum

    This premium quality anti-aging serum helps in eliminating multiple signs of aging and fights to give you a brighter and gleaming complexion in just a matter of days. Suitable for all skin types, it strives to give you that younger-looking radiance.


    Biossance Squalane + 10% Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum

    This Biossance facial serum is filled with the powers of vitamin C and squalane. Pick this to instantly reduce dark spots while boosting skin rejuvenation. Suitable for all skin types, this serum focuses on concerns like dullness, unevenness, and darkening.


    Model Off Duty Beauty Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum

    For a luxuriously glowing and radiant complexion in a completely safe way, you must add this bakuchiol-infused product into your regimen. Bakuchiol is a natural retinol alternative. It delivers the goodness of retinol without any side effects. This clean beauty product is free from any questionable ingredients which makes it our favorite pick out of all the facial serums for glowing skin.

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