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    Fashion Girls Are Saying A Big Yes To These 7 Jewelry Trends

    Fashion Girls Are Saying A Big Yes To These 7 Jewelry Trends

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    Photo: @claire_most


    Regardless of the year and the season, staying updated with the current jewelry trends is a must. So, if you are a jewelry aficionado, cheer up, ladies. It’s time to adorn yourself with shimmering jewels, understated pieces, and statement picks – depending on how much bling you wish to add to the ensemble of the day. We have seen a number of trends popping up among the fashion flock all these years when it comes to jewelry, but we bet that this year’s jewelry trends are one of a kind. So, make some space for these trendy jewelry pieces in your wardrobe and style up in an instant.

    Here we are talking about pearl jewelry, stacked rings, and much more! There are plenty of jewelry trends, but we have our eyes set on these seven specific trends listed below. So, before you lag behind the trends, give our insanely chic selection of jewelry items a scroll.

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    1. Ridged Jewelry 

    Traveling all the way from the 80s, this jewelry trend will lead 2021’s fashion world. The ridged jewelry trend is cooler, chicer, and more stunning than ever. The wavy textured number, plated in gold looks quite opulent.






    2. Charming Herringbone 

    Who doesn’t like owning classic chains in their jewelry box? Which is why herringbone chained jewelry picks have got everyone drooling this year. This classy trend is all about exuding a minimalist style, and given the way 2020 passed by, we’re all for a bit of minimalism in 2021!






    3. Link Chains 

    Chunky link chained jewelry reigned supreme in 2020, but it seems like the fashion flock is not ready to give up on it in 2021 as well. These link chained jewelry items will elevate the look of your outfits in the blink of an eye, so we’re not complaining!






    4. 90s Playful Jewelry 

    A throwback trend that was loved by everyone in the 90s. This jewelry trend is the perfect combination of vibrant beads, smilies, and what not! This playful jewelry trend can work with any outfit. We love it, because who doesn’t want some experimentation with color, textures, and gems after surviving a year like 2020?!






    5. Stack Rings 

    Stacked rings are the perfect option for anyone who wants to exude a chic vibe wherever they go. This trend will embellish your hands in the best way possible and work to enhance your lookbook’s fashion potion.






    6. Logo Jewelry 

    Trend prediction: Logo jewelry trends will be seen everywhere, especially among Gen Z. From Prada to Versace, you can now flaunt logo jewelry and why not? This trend will be raging in full-blown style in 2021.






    7. Elegant Pearl 

    If there’s one jewelry item that will never lose its elegance, that would be pearl. It’s the most opulent and graceful jewelry trend that 2021 witnessed. Be it as earrings, necklace, or rings; it’ll never disappoint you, thanks to its timeless allure.





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