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    31 DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Easy, Affordable & Spooky

    31 DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Easy, Affordable & Spooky

    Photo: Instagram @kendraallynmua

    Halloween is right around the corner. Are you all set with your costumes and party ideas? Well, even if the latter can wait for few more days, it is high time you start focusing on the former, or else, a last-minute rush to the stores will prove to be too hectic.

    Keeping in mind the global pandemic situation, it is best to go for DIY Halloween costumes this year. Not only will it save your time and keep you safe, but it will also save your money for good.

    Let us help you with 31 best DIY Halloween costumes to try in 2020, some of which can be created at the last minute. Enlisted here are the best homemade Halloween costume ideas. Scroll below to find the ones you love, wear your creative hat, and dress to the nines this spooky season.

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    1. Sabrina Spellman From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    All you need is a red pullover with a white lacy collar and a black headband to slip into Sabrina Spellman’s look. Don’t forget to wear that vampish red lipstick and subtle smokey-eye look. Get ready to cast spells with a skull in hand.

    2. The Terminator

    You have to be uber-cool to carry the Terminator look. Team a black leather jacket with a black shirt and black pants, and draw a face makeup pattern to complete the look. You can also wear dark sunglasses instead of drawing the makeup. The icing on the cake will be a toy gun in your hands!

    3. Bunny

    This one will always remain a Halloween classic and will never grow old. Wear a cute white skirt with a white crop top or tee, and accessorize in pink to build the look. Put on those pink rabbit ears and draw a little nose and whiskers to complete the look. Here’s a look that will take just 10 minutes of work.

    4. Lion

    If you are in a mood to go wild, try being the king (or the queen!) of the jungle. Wear a brown shirt with warm-toned bottoms. Brush your hair upside down to create the mane. Draw little whiskers and a nose. And whoa, you are all set to roar.

    5. Dead Holly Golightly From Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    The traditional Breakfast at Tiffany’s gets a killer twist. Add a classy skull makeup over a neatly done top bun. Wear a chic black dress with matching silk gloves and accessorize the look with elegant pearls. This is one look that is guaranteed to turn heads.

    6. Tiana From Princess and the Frog

    Wear your dreamy mint dress, pull up your hair in a tight bun, and add some flowers or pearls to complete the look. Now you are the princess your frog must be waiting for at the party. Go, find him, and kiss him.

    7. Scientist

    Wear your lab coat over that plain tee, put on the lab goggles, and complete the look with some crazy gothic makeup. Paint your lips blue or black. Go for some flashy eye makeup in purple, blue, and green to get the look. Oh well, the messier your lab coat is, the better.

    8. Scar from The Lion King

    This is going to be another favorite pick this Halloween season. Brush your hair downwards to create a messy look, paint your nose in black and wear black lipcolor. Slip into a turtle neck pullover and accessorize with sleek hoops and neckpiece.

    9. Barbie

    Barbie look can never go wrong for a Halloween party. All you need is a neon mini dress, high heels, and black glares to copy Barbie’s signature style. Don’t forget to carry a transparent clutch and the right attitude.

    10. Minnie Mouse

    You were waiting for this, weren’t you? All you need is a red polka dot dress or blouse and a matching blow. You don’t need much makeup but only a subtle touch of nude lipgloss with flashy lashes. Time to welcome the favorite mouse of the house!

    11. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

    All you need is a blue gingham dress, red shoes, and white socks to carry this look. Make two pigtails and wear your innocence as you click your heels together three times on that yellow brick road.

    12. Ice Cream Sunday

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Create this cute ice cream look with a white cute dress or skirt and shirt combo and paste some colorful popsicle sticks all over. Add a headband, and wear a makeshift cone of construction paper. Complete your makeup with some cute shades of pink, red, and purple.

    13. Nebula From Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

    Time to see some stars as you try to be Zenon’s best friend. Make sure your space outfit is on point – so work on your pink bodysuit, matching warm leggings, a purple vest, and a purple skirt to pull the look together. Do the hair right, and complete it with a fanny pack.

    14. Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family

    Go creepy and spooky with this dark look in an all-black outfit. Wear a white shirt underneath or a white-collared black dress. Wear black lip color and gothic makeup. Braid your hair into pigtails and finish the look with the right attitude.

    15. Dr. Facilier From The Princess and the Frog

    Wear all black with a purple shirt and a black hat, and tie a sleek belt to highlight the waist. Top it off with black makeup and a deck of tarot cards. You may accessorize with some cross earrings to complete the look.

    16. Alien

    You will be really look out of this world in this uber-cool outfit. Go all silver and sparkly for this look. Wear a gliterry silver dress. Make little buns at the crown of your head and throw on some silver sparkle. Complete the look with an overdose of silver makeup and accessories.

    17. Billy from Stranger Things

    A super easy style to create, this costume is a style steal! Go for denim-on-denim with a plain white tee below a jean jacket over-washed denim. Accessorize with a cool neckpiece and bracelet, and grow your stubble for the right look. You are ready to be Billy Hargrove!

    18. “Baby Yoda” The Child from The Mandalorian

    Baby Yoda stole hearts, didn’t he? Time to create his look this Halloween. You will need an olive green or light brown dress or jacket to look as cute as The Child. Pull your hair back into tight buns to create his pointy ear look. Add a dash of green makeup around the eyes and the cheeks and tie a belt around your waist to complete the look.

    19. Back From The Dead

    Feel alive with this deadly Halloween look, which has all elements to spook anyone. Wear a white shirt and splatter some fake blood on it. Draw some spiders or stick some fake ones on top. Don’t forget to wear white contact lenses for that Zombie look. Whoa, here’s your spine-chilling back-from-the-dead look.

    20. Rapunzel from Tangled

    Have long hair? Don’t have it? Doesn’t matter. Braid it sideways and accessorize with some flowers, flower clips, or jewelry. Slip into a pink or lavender dress. You are good to go. And if you can manage to get hair extensions, then there’s no stopping you from rocking this Halloween!

    21. Britney Spears

    Time to do it again, baby, one more time. Britney Spears outfit would never be stale for Halloween, and we are happy that it is easy too. All you need is a black pleated skirt, a white collared shirt, a gray sweater, and black knee-length socks with black boots. Part your hair into two neatly done braids with pink poms to complete the look.

    22. Sad Clown

    Do some clown makeup with fake blood down your face from your eyes to your mouth. Make some noticeable clown-makeup triangles below your eyes to make them look more prominent. Wear some funky colors to bring on the clown vibes. And you are ready to send chills down the spine of others around you!

    23. Snow White

    Disney’s favorite princess can be your favorite look for this Halloween. Wear a denim crop top and a yellow skirt to bring on the vibes. Tie a red headband and wear dewy makeup with red lips to complete the look. How about carrying a red apple and giving it a bite occasionally!

    24. Rue from Euphoria

    Love Zendaya as Rue, don’t you? Create her look with simple steps. Take out an oversized jacket and pair it with an all-black tee and trousers. That’s it! Make sure to create Rue’s glitter tears to complete her signature style. You are guaranteed to be back home with an Emmy for your outfit!

    25. Superman

    Is that Clark Kent? Is that Superman? Is that Clark Kent turned into Superman? Wear trousers and a button-down shirt over the iconic Superman shirt to create the punch. Make sure you are wearing black-frame glasses and a tie to complete the look.

    26. Beanie Baby

    Choose an animal you adore. Make a TY tag and carry this throwback costume with ease. Create the makeup by painting the nose and drawing a few whiskers. Wear an ear-headband for that top-up.

    27. Selena Quintanilla

    Create the sexy signature look of the “Queen of Tejano music” in a sparkly black bra and high-rise black jeans or black leather pants. Complete your look with subtle makeup with red lips and a smokey eye look. Don’t forget to carry a microphone to add it further to the overall look.

    28. Rosie the Riveter

    Back from work and off to Halloween party in less than 30 minutes? Create this Rosie the Riveter look in less than 10 minutes. Wear a denim shirt over denim pants and tie a red polka dot bandana with your hair tied up in a high pineapple bun. Wear red lips and simple eye makeup. Head off to the party now!

    29. Mary Poppins

    This is another look that can never go out of style or popularity. Mary Poppins is everyone’s favorite nanny with magical powers. All you need is a white button-down shirt with a cute red bow tie, black skirt, black tights, and a bowler hat. Do make sure to carry your umbrella.

    30. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow is the best look to go for in the season of spooks! And it never gets old or boring. Slip into your favorite checker shirt and a pair of overalls along with a scarf and a cowboy hat to complete the outfit. Complete it with some cute yet scary makeup with colors and fake blood.

    31. Knight in Shining Armor

    Be your own knight in shining armor. Wear black and silver outfits with a net cape, knee-length boots, and broad black belt. Wear bold gothic makeup and the right attitude with confidence. Do carry a weapon like an axe or a sword.

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