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    30 Health Tips That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

    30 Health Tips That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

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    Being a woman is not easy!

    Certain health issues have a soft corner only for women—breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer, Rett syndrome, menopause, and UTIs are a few of them. Every woman needs to be aware of these 30 health tips to stay at the top of their health game. Read them to get healthy. You deserve it!

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    1. Talk openly to your doctor

    Your doctor is the one person in your life who should be aware of all your health problems, even if you feel your cheeks getting reddened while talking about it. If you want to stop your suffering, then talk to your doctor about embarrassing stuff like pimples in your butt or extreme body odor. 


    2. Tell your doctor about your supplements

    If you are taking supplements, then let your doctor know about it. Supplements might interfere with prescription drugs and cause lethal reactions.


    3. Be clear about your M.D. visit

    Next time you gear up for your M.D visit, have a clear picture in mind about what you want. Do you want a referral to a good specialist or a diagnosis? Being clear about the intention of the visit will help you save time and reach your problem’s solution in a faster way.


    4. Stay updated with your family’s history of illnesses

    Be familiar with the cancer history of your family. You are prone to cancer if your parents, grandparents, or siblings were diagnosed with cancer before the age of 50.


    5. Increase your Vitamin D intake

    Choose the Vitamin D3 pills that provide 1000 IUs of Vitamin D every day. Especially during the winter season, it becomes difficult to absorb enough sunlight from the sun. Better get the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D to decrease the risk of cancer.


    6. Try different ways to reach orgasm 

    Sex acts as a boost in curing anxiety and depression. Talk to your partner and let him/her know what works for you to attain the ultimate pleasure. Orgasms help to release hormones that make your immune system healthy. So, if you don’t have an active sex life, then get a sex toy! 


    7. Make your relationship stronger

    Strengthening the bond with your partner increases intimacy, boosts the satisfaction level of your relationship with your spouse, and eventually, keeps your mind and heart at peace.


    8. Focus on reducing weight percentage

    Concentrate on reducing the weight in terms of percentage, rather than sweating about pounds. If you reduce 5 to 10 percent of your body weight, it is enough to reduce the risk of health problems.


    9. Consume high fiber food

    If you want to lose weight, then consume foods that are rich in fiber like strawberry, avocado, and apple. This will take care of your cravings, and you will feel full for a long time.


    10. Restrict yourself to three drinks

    Take control and fix your drink quota! No matter what the event, stop drinking after you completely guzzle down that third glass of alcohol. In fact, this rule applies to everyone who wants to take good care of their liver, regardless of the gender!


    11. Take care of your emotions

    If you are feeling sad and depressed about certain things, chances are it’s going to affect your overall health and well-being. Talk with your loved ones or seek professional advice—make sure that you work upon being happy and content.


    12. Follow a healthy lifestyle

    Smart women who implement healthy lifestyle choices always have a successful life. If you have good health, it is obvious you are going to be more focused on your work, and in turn, achieve your goals faster. Some of the healthy habits are eating on time every day or taking stairs instead of getting into a lift if you’re aiming to lose weight. 


    13. Follow online health sites

    Numerous health sites offer tips and ways to stay healthy. Follow them. They are free and can be very informative.


    14. Plan for the future

    You are young and feel like everything is under your control. But, there’s a catch. After some time, no matter what, you have to face the challenges of aging, and with it, the health problems. Better to start working on it early—eat healthy and exercise regularly.


    15. Keep salt concentration in check

    High sodium levels magnify the risk of high blood pressure. So, consume less salt!


    16. Quit smoking

    If you are a smoker, stop smoking to be blessed with a healthy heart. When you give up smoking, you reduce the chances of having a heart attack to half than that of a smoker.


    17. Eat less saturated fat

    Foods with a booming level of saturated fats elevate cholesterol levels in your blood, which magnifies the risk of heart diseases. Eat lean meats and dairy products with less fat content. For example, when buying milk, choose the one with 1% fat rather than full-fat milk. 


    18. Check the changes in your skin

    Regularly keep checking the changes that your skin is undergoing—it is easy to miss. When you look into the mirror after showering or while applying lotion, look out for striking changes like a dark, dry patch or spots in the skin. Treat them ASAP.


    19. Apply sunscreen, prevent sun damage

    Wear sunscreen while going out in the sun. Also, take good care of your scalp. No sunscreen is there to protect it! Wear a hat because the sunrays have extremely damaging effects on the skin, which can also lead to cancer.


    20. When sick, avoid working

    If you are feeling sick, it is better to take a sick leave and not go to work. By taking rest, you increase the chances of getting better faster and also don’t spread it to others.


    21. Get rid of the germs on your hands

    Wash your hands often to avoid getting sick, especially when you are preparing food.


    22. Floss Regularly

    To keep your mouth clean, you need to brush in the morning and at night. Just brushing is not enough to get rid of bacteria. Flossing, cleaning your tongue, and using a mouth-wash is equally important to maintain a healthy mouth. If you don’t floss, then at least use an electric toothbrush.


    23. Rinse your teeth after drinking soda

    Soda is acidic, and it is important to wash off the acidic content from your teeth since it is very erosive and can damage your enamel. 


    Eat more fruits and vegetables

    Eat healthy by incorporating fruits or vegetables in every meal.


    25. Eat food that fights cancer

    Eat berries, tomatoes, walnuts, and broccoli. They all contain phytochemicals that prevent chronic diseases like cancer.


    26. Incorporate spices in your daily diet

    Asian spices like cinnamon and turmeric have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties that help to maintain good health. 


    27. Get a pet

    Getting a pet will get you a companion who decreases your loneliness and also boosts the chances of socializing. Your pet will prompt you to go outside and increase the chances of performing outdoor activities.


    28. Meet your favorite people face-to-face 

    Take out time from your busy schedule and meet your close friends and family. Calling or texting is not enough to keep your mental health in a good condition. You need to actually see your folks and interact with them to stay healthy. 


    29. Say no

    Say no to people or situations which makes you unhappy. Avoid them at all costs. 


    30. Don’t use Rx drugs

    Don’t use Rx drugs – the pills that are taken to take care of extreme pain. Taking them might be fun for some time, but they will lead you to visit the emergency room in the hospital sooner or later.