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    30 Exotic Travel Locations That Are Worthy Of Your Bucket List

    30 Exotic Travel Locations That Are Worthy Of Your Bucket List

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    Take out your passport and start packing!

    We reside on a stunningly beautiful planet that is surrounded by exotic and mesmerizing places. Every location offers beauty and unique experiences. 

    We know that you have a hectic life and finding time to go out on a vacation might not be possible. To give you that little burst of wanderlust, we have picked the beautiful locations that should not be missed. So, shake up the travel bug that is hidden deep inside you and embark on the journey of visiting these exotic travel locations. Make them the priority of your travel bucket list.   

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    1. Venice, Italy

    Who doesn’t want to visit a stunning, romantic beauty? Venice is a floating city in Italy that is surrounded by canals and gondolas which offers a romantic unforgettable experience. It is a spectacular example of Italian architecture and hosts Venice carnival celebrations every year.



    2. Amer Fort, India

    Amer Fort is an awe-inspiring structure made on a hilltop that needs to be witnessed in the flesh to be able to fully appreciate it. It is the perfect blend of Hindu and Mughal influences. This attractive beauty of India is enhanced by majestic courtyards, long halls, and beautiful gardens that surround it.



    Photo: Derek Low

    3. Great Blue Hole, Belize

    This gorgeous masterpiece is situated off the coast of Belize and is a dream destination for travelers, especially the ones who are deeply fascinated with scuba diving. Even if getting into water doesn’t excite you much—visit this place for the incredible view of the blue hole. 



    4. Longsheng Rice Terrace, China

    These incredible and breathtaking terraced rice fields are called Dragon’s Backbone. The place is crowned with this unique name because the terraces look like the scales of a dragon and the peak of the mountain range resembles the dragon’s backbone.



    5. Bay Of Kotor, Montenegro

    Reach out to this out of the world place—commonly known as Boka—to get thrilled by the emerald waters and elegant mountains. It is a masterpiece of beauty that is surrounded by a myriad of exquisite towns like Perast. There you will be spoilt with mouth-watering meals and you can also interact with the locals.



    6. Banff National Park, Canada

    This first national park of Canada will engulf you with its beautiful blue water and incredibly tall and rugged mountains. This place will boost your admiration for lakes and dense forests. Stay in the cozy lakeside lodges to enjoy this beauty to the fullest.



    7. Great Ocean Road, Australia

    Hop into your car and enjoy this astounding coastal drive to witness the seaside town beauty of Lorne, Koalas of admirably fantastic Otway National Park, and the eminent 12 Apostle Rock Formations.



    8. Petra, Jordan

    The secretive beauty called the Lost City of Petra has risen out of the cliff between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. It is a true masterpiece filled with sandy landscapes, tombs, and carved structures. The shooting of the popular movie Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade happened here.



    9. Gozo, Malta

    This idyllic beauty is a part of the charming Maltese Archipelago. Gozo is the most sought-after Mediterranean diving destination with breathtaking views, historical forts, backwaters, and picturesque panoramas.  



    10. Forest of Knives, Madagascar

    These pointy and savagely sharp mountains are home to the most extraordinary wildlife. The place is encircled by striking forests. It is a nice place for indulging in hiking activities and interacting with different birds and lemurs.



    11. Machu Picchu, Peru

    Machu Picchu is a world heritage site situated in Peru. This terraced city is famous for being extremely high (with 8000 ft elevation), with bold mountains, blissful views, and stunning architecture.



    12. Japan

    Japan is one of the best places to visit, especially if you are fascinated with cherry blossoms. During the springtime when there is a boom in the blooming of cherry blossoms, this island country gets even more paradisal.



    13. Pamukkale, Turkey

    Pamukkale is a city in western Turkey that is world-famous for its mineral-rich thermal waters which cascades down the white and beautiful terraces of adjacent hillsides. Want to bathe like a king (or a queen)? Get soaked in the century-old columns present in the ruins of the primeval Roman city called Hierapolis, which is also known as a spa-city. 



    14. Namje, Nepal

    This majestic beauty puts every other mountain beauty you have seen to shame with its thrilling high and very cold mountains. There are no roads available to reach Namje. To make it to this Nepalese village, you have to trek through the exciting paths of Mount Makalu (the fifth tallest peak of the world). 



    Photo: Tahiti

    15. Taha’a, French Polynesia

    This green and the open island of Taha will offer you intimate landscapes laced with vanilla plantations. Enjoy your stay in the farm huts and experience a tranquil stay close to nature.



    Photo: VisitChile

    16. Pisco Elqui, Chile

    Want to enjoy a village stay that sports beautiful weather throughout the year? Then, this Chilean village is the one for you. Pisco Elqui is gifted with admirably wooded Andean mountains and clear blue skies. Visit this one for a  mesmerizing stargazing experience.



    17. Porto Heli, Greece

    Love sunbathing? This blissful beach is perfect to indulge in sunbathing and to enjoy roaming around serene bays and luxurious olive groves. 



    18. Cappadocia, Turkey

    Cappadocia is the most breathtakingly stunning region of Turkey. From pointy rock formations and caves to pinnacles and clefts, this beauty feels like it is lifted from a postcard. 



    19. Pitons, Saint Lucia

    Volcanic eruptions crowned this landscape with surreal beauty features—two distant and tall volcanic mountains that adorn this island. This island is a perfect travel destination to relish gorgeous and lush sandy beaches.



    20. Con Dao Island, Vietnam

    Want to have a wildlife-watching experience? This island offers the opportunity to become a part of wildlife. You can explore the untouched and uninhabited beaches here and trek through the gripping coastal roads. 



    21. Marrakesh, Morocco

    Morocco is the fourth largest city of Marrakesh, which is perfect for wandering around the dense alleys, palaces, mosques, and gardens. It has not changed much since the Berber Empire. The maze-like alleys of Morocco bustle with marketplaces that sell traditional jewelry, textiles, and pottery.  



    22. Oia, Santorini, Greece

    All of the Greek islands are amazing, but the hillside town of Oia is the best of them all. It offers a mesmerizing view of the blue Aegean sea. 



    23. Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Italy is a complete package when it comes to travel destinations. But, the beautiful Amalfi coast is one of our favorite picks from this stunning country. The coast is lined with lively towns, like Positano, which makes it a hard-to-miss travel destination.



    24. Ajanta and Ellora Caves, India

    Ellora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Ajanta is situated 62 miles from the Ellora caves. The beauty of these ancient rock-cut caves is enhanced with elegant sculptures, frescoes, and beautiful paintings. These caves are the perfect combination of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain monuments. One of the famous sites in the caves is the Kailash temple that is the single largest monolithic structure in the world. 



    25. Forbidden City, China

    The Forbidden City of Beijing is the perfect example of quaint historic Chinese architecture. For five centuries, this preserved Forbidden City sheltered the imperial palace of emperors of China and is a beauty to behold.



    26. Krabi, Thailand

    This beach beauty is located on the west coast of Southern Thailand and is considered one of the most beautiful beach getaways in the world. The place is adorned with hundreds of islands and is perfect for someone who wants to lose themselves in nature for some time.   



    27. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

    If you find Lupins fascinating, then this destination is perfect to take care of your craving for Lupin. Every year during late December, this national park witnesses the boom in the lupin bloom and gifts you the spectacular sight of rich, bright purple fields.



    28. Timgad, Algeria

    A fan of Roman culture? Timgad is a Roman colonial town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded in 100 AD by Emperor Trajan and is famous for the majestic well-preserved arch of Trajan. Exciting, isn’t it?



    29. The Cook Islands

    This secretive hush-hush destination is made up of 15 islands altogether, scattered over the dainty ocean. Reach out to this place if you are looking for peace and want to get away from busy city life for a week.



    30. Yellowstone National Park, USA

    After visiting this awesome travel location, you are going to repeat this one line over and over for sure—Oh! What a beauty. This place is home to a plethora of geysers and beautiful lakes. Want to see grizzly bears, antelopes, moose, elk, and bison? This place will make your dream come true.