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    21 Kaia Gerber’s Inspiring Outfits That You Need To Check Out Now For Some Major Style Inspiration

    21 Kaia Gerber’s Inspiring Outfits That You Need To Check Out Now For Some Major Style Inspiration

    Let’s bow down for Kaia’s most memorable looks

    Kaia Gerber outfit inspiration

    She is the woman who is known for impeccable fashion taste. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Kaia Gerber. Her refined fashion sense never fails to impress. The model has always stood through ‘oh-hey-no-way’ trends and taught us how to pull them. Believe it or not, but even during our style deprived days, we look up to this trendsetter. So, if you ever feel guilty for seeking fashion validations, check Kaia’s outfits and get instant approvals.

    We have been obsessed with her looks forever! From oversized blazers to slip dresses, she’s known for leading the trends. This is why we thought of blessing your eyes with Kaia’s best looks that never left our memories. Not only will it satiate your fashion curiosity but will evolve it at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling for some chic fashion dose!

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    1. White midi dress

    No one can pull a cute white breezy dress like Kaia. The puffed sleeves and plunging neckline is so basic yet so beautiful. We kind of feel sad for her fractured elbow, but aesthetically entire look overpowers it.

    2. Back cut-out blazer

    We wonder how perfectly this style icon can pull monochromatic blazer and pants. The back cut-out design and pointy shoulders are drool-worthy!

    3. Lace dress

    Are we dreaming or what? Because this lace dress looks so magical. The amalgamation of black cuffs and white lace dress is all about making a sophisticated fashion statement.

    4. Relaxed stripe shirt

    Yes, shirts are elegant, but Kaia took this black stripe relaxed shirt up a notch. We love how she is flaunting the laid back summer look in a stunning bikini with a classic unbuttoned shirt.

    5. Slinky-slip dress

    Kaia manages to surprise us every time with every kind of outfit. However, with this black slip dress, is timeless and minimalists dream dress.

    6. Breezy floral dress

    Not sure how to pull a summer floral dress? Well, all you need to do is have a look at Kaia’s summer dress and you’ll have your answers.

    7. Sweatshirt and biker shorts

    Talk about street style and our fashion icon is right here to inspire us. This black boxy sweatshirt and biker shorts are exactly what we are talking about.

    8. Wool blend coat and crop top

    We were struggling to find the perfect business casual look, and then Kaia walked in a wool blend coat and white crop top. Her loose low-waist jeans are other highlights of the look.

    9. Knit top and denim jeans

    Here the style setter is enhancing casual look with strap knit top in a powder blue tone and dark blue denim jeans.

    10. Peanut color blazer and shorts

    A powerful yet elegant look is here to influence a monochrome formal look and we won’t lie, we are super inspired!

    11. Oversized sweater

    Photo credit: outfitspirationsbymodels

    Kaia pulled this sweater with utmost panache. Paired with sneakers and rectangle sunglasses, this look strikes the perfect balance between casual and swanky.

    12. Bucket cap with coat

    The bucket hat teamed with grey coat exudes nothing but sheer chicness. The white cropped tee and denim jeans help elevate the entire look.

    13. Biker shorts and blazer

    Photo credit: madeofmuse

    Kaia knows how to pull quirky outfits with a dash of elegance. This over sized blazer, loose tee, and biker shorts, makes this another stunning look.

    14. Checkered coat and cap

    So, we can finally say that our fall/winter wardrobe is sorted now because this stunning model is giving us major inspo with her checkered coat, cap, and straight jeans.

    15. Leather pants and cropped jacket

    Black was always synonymous with cool but Kaia’s black leather pants and trimmed denim jacket is giving a whole new vibe.

    16. Wool blend coat and trimmed sweater

    Photo credit: l0vegxl0re

    Now that cropped sweater and exaggerated coats have become a part of the style world, Kaia is ushering in this era of chic fashion.

    17. Cardigan and floral skirt

    kaia gerber
    Photo credit: l0vegxl0re

    Doesn’t she looks the cutest woman on earth in this dark blue cardigan and slip skirt? Not to miss out on the sneakers, they infuse peculiar touch.

    18. Square neck top and plaid pants

    Kaia Gerber
    Photo credit: l0vegxl0re

    We are officially surrendering our hearts to this outfit. The square neck crop-top, plaid pants, and cross-body bag, name one thing that doesn’t look good?

    19. Loose check shirt and denim shorts

    Kaia Gerber
    Photo credit: Pinterest

    Although ritzy-glitzy outfits have been quite a rage, the fashionista gives a hint that relaxed check shirt, denim shorts, and bra are still a cool choice.

    20. Tiger print top

    Kaia Gerber
    Photo credit: Pinterest

    This look sort of gives a girl-next-door vibe but Kaia knows how to elevate it. Her denim jeans with raw appeal is one way to do that.

    21. Sequin top and black pants

    Kaia Gerber
    Photo credit: Pinterest

    Another stunner from Kaia’s look book. The sequined top with sweetheart neck, black high-waist pants with neatly pulled back hair make her look drop-dead gorgeous!