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    20 Successful Tips To Take Back Control Of Your Life

    20 Successful Tips To Take Back Control Of Your Life

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    20 ways to not be an emotional, physical, and mental mess 

    Life is indeed unpredictable! The dreams keep us awake at night, and we work hard all through the day to make those dreams come true. What inhibits us from reaching those dreams is our own fear. Social and financial obligations add even more constraints in our choices of getting back the hold on our life.


    Life has a strange way of doing what it wants despite what we have planned. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. The small changes that we implement in our life have the ability to make a booming impact.                      


    Sometimes, taking back control of life involves conquering your negativities, anxieties, and rediscovering things that fuel the fire within you. Your life is yours! Start taking it in the direction you want by following these effective tips.

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    1. Regular sleep schedule

    Sleep at a fixed time every day. You need seven to nine hours of sleep every day for your brain to function most effectively. When you regularly go to bed at a particular time, the brain gets habituated with that time. This helps to quickly fall asleep, even if you have worrying thoughts inside your head. This regular sleep cycle provides more stability to your life.


    2. Do something that scares you

    Once a week, indulge in the activities that scare you the most. Most of the time fear stops us from attempting the things that we really want to do. Once you stop paying heed to that fear, you get immune to it. And then nothing can stop you because you have learned to break the chains of constraints that you self-impose due to fear!


    3. Save money

    If you have extra cash saved in your bank, this gives you mental satisfaction by providing security. Security of having the means to deal with any financial crisis. You don’t have to worry about the cost while treating yourself to something nice. It reduces stress as you can focus on other things like work-life balance and achieving your goals, rather than just focusing on ways to maximize your income.


    4. Avoid spending an insane amount of time on social media

    Time waits for none! The extra time you have in your hands after doing your regular job, put into your hobbies, or in spending time with your loved ones. This will boost your overall well-being and make your life calm and soothing. Spending a large chunk of time on social media platforms is nothing but a waste of time! No to mention the baseless arguments, negativity, and body shaming that messes up a lot of things.


    5. Lessen alcohol and caffeine intake 

     If you drink heavily, alcohol and caffeine will damage your life badly. Alcohol causes many family and marital problems. Alcohol abuse makes the person focus on only alcohol and sidetracks things like working and spending quality time with family. As they continue to drink more and more, over time, the abuse changes to dependence -something which becomes impossible to let go of. Caffeine intake to stay alert and alcohol intake for socializing and letting off steam is fine, but too much indulgence is lethal! 


    6. “Me” time is important

    Work on the weekdays, but keep aside your weekends as your “me time”. This “me time” is extremely important to boost your mindset to face the rest of the coming week with energy. On weekends, spend much-needed quality time with your spouse and family, and don’t forget to pamper yourself.


    7. Enjoy your own company

    Stop depending on others for validation and have the confidence that you can conquer whatever you want without relying on anybody else. Travel alone, shop alone, go to the theatre alone, even take yourself out for solo lunches and dinners. This time with yourself will provide you some amazing insights about life!


    8. Learn to say no

    The negative elements in your life must be avoided in all circumstances. No explanations required—just say no! Don’t feel guilty about saying “no” to things that detract you from having your “me-time”. This way you will say “yes” to yourself. Yes to all the positivity in your life, yes to achieving your goals, yes to writing, yes to relaxing. The list is long!


    9. Try new things

    Trying new things always shoots up a sense of excitement and happiness. Put efforts in trying out new opportunities. Say yes to new challenges, adventures, and interests. Trying new things will make your time more memorable and will help you overcome fear. This will boost your creativity and brainpower. You will get to know yourself better!


    10. Embrace life lessons

    Life is a great teacher! Open your arms to all the lessons that life has tried to teach you. Even if you are hit with a breaking point—embrace it. Life is actually trying to highlight all the things that you are missing, the things you long for, but don’t want to accept. Learn to accept those lessons to open up new paths toward new possibilities.


    11. Begin a side business

    When you have a second income, you save more money. You will have more financial freedom and less stress. Having a side income provides you with flexibility. Even if you end up losing or leaving your job, you will have a secondary source of income.


    12. Cleanliness is important

    Keep your work area and home organized and clean. A messy place will distract you from the things you want to do and divert your attention on all the unwanted clutter.


    13. Build your network

    Meet new people belonging to your industry. Going to events and meeting other people will increase your social network. Give value to others rather than just focusing on yourself. The network that you build today will help you in the time of need.


    14. Fasting

    Indulge in once-a-week fasting. Fasting means avoiding any calories throughout the day. You will live longer as fasting kills the weak cells by blocking their energy. This will help with weight loss and also prevent diseases. It increases stress resistance and decreases the risk of diseases like obesity and cancer.


    15. Live simply

    Fix a few numbers of days in a month where you will be content with the coarse dress, no gourmet food, and cheap fare. Practicing this will prepare you for the worst and make you fearless about the unpredictability of life. 


    16. Exercise

    Strengthen yourself with different workouts. This will increase positivity, confidence, and mastery over your body.


    17. Prepare yourself for the worst

        The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. By figuring out the things that put fear inside your head, you can plan steps to care for them when they occur. By preparing yourself to tend to things such as a serious illness or losing a job, you will diminish the anxiety that grips you while you imagine about them.


    18. Create a short to-do list for each day

    A short to-do list, consisting of three items, will fix your goals for the day and will help you work toward them. If you want to increase your productivity, stop bombarding yourself with too much stuff in a day. Rather focus on a few things.


    19. Make changes to your wardrobe

    The way you dress impacts greatly on the way people treat you. If you want them to take you seriously, you need to dress well. Especially when making the first impression. Dress like the successful person you want to be. Your dressing changes the way you see yourself and the way you behave.


    20. Go on a trip

    A stressful life can be avoided by going out on a short trip to somewhere peaceful. Planning the trip itself will boost your mood. Travelling lessens long-term stress and anxiety and boosts endorphins that make you feel good about yourself.







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