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    20 Easiest Workouts You Can Do To Stay Fit During The Holiday Season

    20 Easiest Workouts You Can Do To Stay Fit During The Holiday Season

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    Indulge in easy workouts and take care of all the excessive eating during the holiday season!

    The holiday season is also an excuse for lying lazily on the sofa and binge-watching your favorite shows and movies. Let’s not forget the heavy eating part! All of us consider the holiday season as a cheat season, where we savor sugary, oily, junk foods. With all this heavy junk food binge-eating, incorporating an active exercise routine is very important to nullify the effects of this unhealthy habit. 

    The 20 easiest workouts listed below are the perfect way to stay fit this holiday season. Choose the ones that are suitable for your lifestyle.

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    1. Burpees

    A burpee is done in two parts. First, a pushup, which is followed by jumping in the air. Start by doing 10 and then work up from there.


    2. Jumping Jacks

    Jumping jack is a mind-blowing full-body workout and can be performed anywhere. It is also called a star jump. Start doing it by standing straight and keeping the legs together and both the arms at your sides. After bending your knee a little, jump in the arm. While jumping, spread your legs. At the same time, stretch your arms and over your head. Jump back to your starting position. And, keep repeating!


    3. Crunches

    Crunches are a core exercise that targets abdominal muscles and makes them strong. It will help you achieve that breathtaking six-pack ab and tighten your belly. While performing crunches, you have to lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Keep your hands behind your head or across your chest. Slowly, you need to contract your abdominal muscles and pull up the shoulder blades off the floor for about 2 inches. Stay there for a few seconds then come back to the starting position. Don’t forget to exhale and inhale, respectively. Target 15 to 20 repetitions.


    4. Sit Ups

    Sit up is a simple yet effective core workout. Start by doing 20, and in a few weeks, you’re gonna become a pro and will be able to do more than 50. Lie down on the floor and keep your legs and hip-width apart. Bend your knees and engage your core to sit up. You have to keep your shoulders relaxed. Then, roll back to the starting position. Exhale and inhale, respectively.


    5. Bicycles

    A bicycle workout is considered one of the best exercises to get chiseled abs. Start by lying on the floor with your knees bent. Keep your feet in the air. After placing your hands behind your head, start energetically moving your legs in the classic bicycle motion.


    6. Planks

    Plank is the ideal workout to target your abdominal muscles. Here you need to maintain a position like a push-up for the maximum time possible. When doing for the first time, target 30 seconds. Increase the time up from there.


    7. Bird dog

    The bird dog workout strengthens the core and also targets the lower back, abdominal muscles, thighs, and butt. Start by kneeling on the floor in a quadruped position. Keep your knees directly underneath your hips and your hands directly under your shoulders. Extend both your left arm and right leg simultaneously. Keep your hips square to the ground and neck neutral. Stay for two seconds. Return to your start position. Repeat the same process with your other arm and leg. 


    8. Bridge

    The bridge is a very easy, unique, and effective workout to use your core. Begin by lying on the floor and bending your knees. Keep your hands straight beside your body. Tighten your core and raise your bottom upwards from the ground by pushing through your feet. Do this until your hips get completely extended. At the top, squeeze your glutes. Return to the starting position and repeat the process 30 times.


    9. Single leg bridge

    It is a more advanced version of the bridge workout, but very simple to follow. Do the same process of the bridge, but lift one foot off the floor while keeping your leg bent.


    10. Squats

    Stand up straight and keep your feet a little wider than hip-width apart. After bending your legs, lower your hip towards the floor. Then come back to the standing position. Do three sets of 10. Increase the challenge by asking your kid to sit on your back.


    11. Lunges

    Lunges are a lower-body workout that targets hips, thighs, and glutes. Start by positioning both legs parallelly. Then, take a big step forward with one leg. Keep the front foot flat on the ground and back heel lifted. Bend your knee till your rear knee almost touches the floor, and the front knee is above the ankle. It will create a 90-degree bend in both your knees. Come back to the starting position.


    12. High knees

    Tone your legs by doing high knees. Start by jogging in a place for one minute and lift each knee as high as possible.


    13. Squat jumps

    Squat jumps help get rid of fat from the lower body and tones your legs and butt. It improves balance and strength. Squat jumps target leg muscles, glutes, and lower abs. Bend your knees like going into the squat position and tuck your arms inside. Push off the floor and straighten your legs while jumping in the air, and then land back in a squat again. 


    14. Bulgarian split squats

    It might sound complicated, but it is similar to a regular squat with one leg resting on a chair. You must focus and keep your weight over your forward leg and bend your knee no further than your toes.


    15. Calf raises

    Calf raise is one of the easiest exercises to perform in daily life. Start by standing straight. Push your feet and raise your heel until you stand on your toes. Then slowly lower down back to the starting position. Repeat it for 20 times.


    16. Side-lying hip abduction

    Target and strengthen your hip muscles with side-lying hip abduction. Begin by lying on your left side and keep both your legs straight. Rest your right foot on the floor. Then, lift your right leg. Return to the start position. Repeat it 20 times and then take care of the other side.


    17. Push-ups

    Push-up targets your chest, shoulders, and triceps. It exercises your core, legs, and back. A very effective exercise to build strength. Start by keeping your stomach and chest flat on the floor. Exhale and push upward—bring your chest, torso, and thighs off the floor by using your hands and heels. Engage your core and stay in that position for a second. Inhale and position back to your original state.


    18. Dips

    Dips help develop your triceps and upper-body muscles. Start by sitting on a chair. Hold the side of the chair and push your butt forward to suspend in front of the chair. Support your weight with your arms. Then, bend your elbows and drop your hips to the floor. Come back to your original position. Do sets of 10.


    19. Deadlifts

    Stand straight and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Reach down and hold the dumbbell or any weighted object in front of you and return to the vertical position. While doing this, keep your back straight. Then, again lower down and rise back up.


    20. Knee-pushups

    It is a simpler version of the regular push-up. This will definitely build your strength and prepare you for attempting regular pushups. Begin this exercise by kneeling on the floor. In front of you, put your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart. Bend your arms and tighten your abs. Lower your torso till your chest just reaches the ground. Push your torso back to the starting position by straightening your arms. Repeat the process.