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    17 YouTube Channels For Kids To Relieve Moms From Baby Shark!

    17 YouTube Channels For Kids To Relieve Moms From Baby Shark!

    Are your ears tired of hearing “Wheels On The Bus” going round all through the town? Or do Baby Shark, and her entire family bore you doo-doo-ing? Take a break, and introduce your child to some of the best YouTube channels for kids to entertain and teach them at the same time.

    YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most versatile platforms where you find cake tutorials, the lamest videos, and the sci-fi details of some unknown world. The most popular video-sharing platform is dedicated to the kids as well, thanks to the tech-savviness of this current generation.

    TV has taken a back seat, while online streaming apps and YouTube channels are among the current favorites of the kids (and grown-ups alike!). There are several YouTube channels exclusive for kids as excellent company and guidance. YouTube has slowly evolved as this generation’s new territory of education and learning experience. And we’re more than glad that it happened over watching television.

    Here are our 17 favorite Youtube channels for kids that we suggest you to subscribe and follow.

    1. Smithsonian Channel

    If you put up near the Washington DC area, the chances are high that you must’ve been to Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History at least once. If not, checking out their official YouTube channel is a must. The videos are fun to watch and extremely educational for all age groups. From archaeology and astronomy to wildlife and more, the content of the videos is guaranteed to get your kids engrossed and make them learn an age-appropriate thing or two for sure.

    2. Sesame Street

    This classic will never grow old and outdated, especially for preschoolers and toddlers. This is where all the favorite characters of your child (or maybe yours too) reside, and try to make the learning experience all the more fun and educative. Watch Oscar, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and Zoe interacting with your kids as they participate in fun science experiments or learn to fix things or try DIY handicrafts from recycled stuff.

    3. WordWorld

    Exclusively for the preschoolers, WordWorld truly focuses on the magical journey of learning letters, words, and spellings, thanks to WordFriends as the teachers. The colorful interface, the vibrant musical background, and the interactive voice not only attract the kids’ attention, but also makes sure that the animated content helps children build their vocabularies using rhymes and catchy music.

    4. TED-Ed

    An excellent source of motivation and learning experience for young learners, TED-Ed is associated with TED Talks and is an educational content bank that creates animated short films to help pre-teens think outside the box. While there is mixed content variety in the channel, most of these are suited for older kids. There are riddles, unsolved mysteries, and questions that no one knows answers to, some of which are sure to startle the adults.

    5. ChuChu TV

    With around 30 million subscribers, ChuChu TV is among the most popular YouTube channels for kids between the ages of 2 and 7 years. There are over 400 videos of educational entertainment featuring colorful animation, reliable content, easy to understand scripts, and several rhymes that your kids would love to sing along. Better still, they keep on updating their content several times a week.

    6. Netflix Jr

    Are you glued to your favorite Netflix shows? Let your kids have their moments with Netflix Jr channel. Characters like the StoryBots and Super Monsters are entertaining and super interactive, where toddlers and kids can learn, sing, and play with them. The content is mostly videos under 5-minutes for kids to grasp quickly and pay attention to. Keep an eye on new content updated weekly so that your little one doesn’t have to watch the same videos repeatedly.

    7. MinutePhysics

    Something for your young scientist and physics enthusiast to get glued to, MinutePhysics is an educational YouTube channel that explains physics-related topics in videos under one-minute or so. With a whopping 5 million subscribers, the channel is exceptionally captivating and educative for young minds with content they would understand and relate to. Science has never been more fun and more interactive than this.

    8. Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Train your kids for some healthy living, right from the age of three and up. Cosmic Kids Yoga is dedicated to teaching relaxation, mindfulness, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. The channel portrays the essentials of yoga postures, practices, and stages along with interactive adventures guiding viewers on a make-believe trekking trail through a forest or an exploration into outer space. The channel is a power-packed hub to feed your kids’ body with strength and balance, and their minds with the right imagination.

    9. The Brain Scoop

    The importance of museums and the adventures therein must be taught to the young generation. That is what The Brain Scoop is focused at – to make sure that the next generation is aware of the exciting stories and histories of each artifact a museum preserves. Each video talks about earth science, animals, and the environment, and features a look behind the scenes of the museum’s operations. Do make sure to follow the video description and opening titles to understand better.

    10. Houston Zoo

    Are your kids looking for hours of engaging content, especially on animals? Let your kids watch and enjoy animals at play, even when they are not visiting the zoo. Houston Zoo YouTube channel showcases different animals all over the world living in The Houston Zoo. Watch them up close and personal to learn their ways, and to enjoy every moment with them. Must watch videos include an exercising skunk, a newborn giraffe Mara, and a digital hangout with red river hog babies.

    11. Crash Course Kids

    Crash Course Kids is majorly for grade-school kids, that focuses on their level of science. Host Sabrina Cruz anchors the show, covering subjects like Earth, space, and chemical reactions in an exciting and super interactive way. Garnering over a billion views since its advent in 2006, the channel covers a wide variety of subjects, including history, psychology, science, ethics, and more. There are big topics like expressionism and Big Data, along with instructional videos, to inspire kids to try scientific stuff.

    12. Free School

    Free School is the perfect channel to let your kids explore famous art, classical music, children’s literature, and natural science in the most age-appropriate and kid-accessible way. Must watch is the “American History for Children” playlist that covers a detailed version of the drafting of the Constitution, the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and much more. Biographies of notable figures like Abraham Lincoln and Vincent van Gogh are worth mentioning. Our favorite is, however, the series of “60 Second Science Questions.”

    13. Mother Goose Club

    Preschoolers and their parents are going to love this channel. Mother Goose Club, along with its six adorable and colorful characters featuring kids and adults, is a mix of live-action, interactive, and animated content. Enjoy a lot of nursery rhymes, songs, and skits in short videos ranging between 1-2 minutes and the best-curated playlists that run around 30 minutes at a stretch. Don’t miss the Rockin’ Robot for its super catchy tune and irresistible moves.

    14. Super Simple Songs

    This is exactly what the title suggests – a whole bunch of songs and rhymes presented in the simplest way. Watch some of the most loved verses sung by colorful animated characters that would encourage toddlers to sing along and dance, stomping their feet and clapping to the tunes. The channel is also available as a kid-friendly app on iOS where your kids can watch the videos without getting disturbed by unnecessary ads and pop-ups.

    15. Simple Kids Craft

    Let your creative child explore a new world of imagination and innovation. The channel works on the motto “Recycled, easy crafts that really work,” and has a collection of over 700 how-to videos that include everything from recycling bottle caps to broken toy parts to burnt candles! The best part of this channel is that it encourages kids to use up everything that is discarded to convert them into beautiful and creative stuff.

    16. Mike Likes Science

    Mike Likes Science, formerly known as Coma Niddy, is a channel that talks about going back to school and discussing plain and basic science. Coma Niddy, aka Mike Wilson, is not a typical rapper. With his braces and nerdy glasses, he talks and enlightens on everything from dark matter to nanotechnology to street smart science tricks. His way of explanation is effortless and interactive for an age group of 8 to 14 years.

    17. Dave and Ava

    Meet the colorful, interactive, and energetic hosts of this channel – Dave and Ava. They are here to cover everything that your toddler and preschooler needs to learn and engage. From nursery rhymes and number and color songs to original tunes and everything in between, let Dave and Ava entertain and educate your kids in their unique ways. The videos are generally an hour long or so. That means your kids would be glued to one video for at least an hour of a learning experience.

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