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    15 Best Ways To Zap Stress And Anxiety

    15 Best Ways To Zap Stress And Anxiety

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    Obliterate stress and anxiety to feel calm and relaxed! 

    Stress and anxiety are really bad, draining phenomenons for our body and mind. It can elevate the risk of many health problems such as high blood pressure, migraine, palpitation, depression, and anxiety.

    More than 70% of Americans complain that they face constant anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Here are the best de-stressing and anxiety-relieving ways to free your mind from all negative thoughts and to gain inner peace.

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    1. Meditation

    Meditation will wake your inner chakras and procure ultimate peace. Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It acts as a soothing lullaby to swat away insomnia and to get a good night’s sleep. Let’s not forget the physical attributes: Meditation lowers blood pressure, palpitations, tension-related pain, and many other ailments.  


    2. Going for a walk

    Take a walk in the park or a beautiful garden full of flowers and greenery. Walking and indulging in repetitive movements such as jogging can act as de-stressing processes and are as effective as meditating. 


    3. Download mindfulness apps 

    Want guided relaxation classes? Or masterclasses on breathing exercises, calming sleep stories, and more? You can all get the mindblowing customized features in the mindfulness apps. Apps such as Calm, Smiling Mind, Headspace, Inscape, FitMind, and many others will help you relieve stress and anxiety.


    4. Warm hugs

    Who doesn’t like warm hugs? Hugs, cuddles, intimacy, and kisses work wonders to cure stress and anxiety. Physical contact full of positivity and warmth helps release oxytocin and lowers the level of cortisol. This, in turn, lowers the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress such as thumping heart rate and blood pressure.


    5. Practice relaxation techniques

    A spa weekend or going on a short vacation might be good for de-stressing and relieving anxiety, but it’s not something that can be done every day. By practicing the relaxation techniques—Tai-Chi, Yoga, progressive relaxation of the muscles, guided imagery, and biofeedback—the mind gets familiar with all the nitty-gritty of how to get stress and anxiety under control in just 20 minutes. Choose techniques that are suitable for you.


    6. Get a pet 

    Pets are our great companions and a beloved part of our family. They are very loyal and share an emotional bond with their owner. We cherish wonderful memories with our pets. Spending time with your pet will make you happy and reduce your stress by releasing a chemical called oxytocin.


    7. Listen to music

    Soothing music is very calming and has a relaxing effect on the body. Slow, melodious, and comforting instrumental music helps lower the palpitations, stress hormones, and blood pressure. Opt for the music that makes you feel serene and which you really enjoy listening to.


    8. Say no

    Say no to stuff that is causing you anxiety and stress. Take control! Let go of all the negativity that has the potential to cause a stressful life. There is no need to get crushed under responsibilities that overwhelm you to the point that you feel broken and stressed! Be selective and choose things that you can handle with peace of mind. 


    9. Laugh

    After a nerve-racking day, just lay on the couch and watch funny comedy movies. Or, spend time with friends who can make you laugh—it is great for relieving stress. Laughing relieves your body’s stress response and boosts the natural relaxation response of our body. Laughing also relieves tension by relaxing the muscles. Get enrolled in the therapy laughing classes and witness the amazing benefits of it. 


    10. Inhale & Exhale

    Deep breathing is always a simple yet effective technique to de-stress and diminish anxiety. When you focus on inhalation and exhalation, you dissociate yourself from all the worrying thoughts. The advantage of deep breathing is that it is a very simple technique. One can learn it without any difficulty and can be practiced wherever one likes. You can perform it on your own without much instruction.


    11. Exercise

    Get rid of all your mental stress by working out. Exercising aids in combating stress. Individuals who regularly participate in physical activities experience less stress compared to people who don’t work out. Exercise boosts the release of endorphins—a chemical that makes your mood better. It improves mental wellbeing, and you feel confident about yourself. Exercising also reduces insomnia. 


    12. Take supplements

    There are supplements available in the market that can relieve stress and anxiety. Some of them are Omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, lemon balm, valerian, and kava kava.


    13. Light a candle

    Implement aromatherapy approach—light a scented candle or use essential oils to get rid of anxiety and stress. They are very soothing. Some of the tranquilizing scents are rose, lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, orange blossom, and geranium.


    14. Consume Less Caffeine

    A high intake of caffeine causes stress and anxiety. It is present in chocolate, coffee, energy drinks, and tea. It can make you anxious and is very unhealthy for you. Try taking it in moderation if you are unable to stop having the stuff that contains it.


    15. Spend quality time with your closed ones

    Want to recover from the stressful times? Spend time with your friends and family, and it will help to realize your self-worth. This stimulates the release of oxytocin and prevents the likelihood of suffering from stress and anxiety.

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