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    14 Scariest Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Super Easy To Pull Off

    14 Scariest Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Super Easy To Pull Off

    scariest Halloween makeup ideas
    Image Source: Glam

    The spooky season will soon be here. Trick-or-Treat, scary costumes, and scary, whacky, wild vibes – Halloween is all about jumpscares and goosebumps. So, obviously, getting ready for Halloween is quite a challenge sometimes. But with over 1.5 million Halloween makeup tutorials on Youtube alone (and millions more scattered over other social media platforms), it looks like getting dressed up for Halloween won’t be a herculean task anymore. 

    Here are 14 scariest Halloween makeup ideas that can spook out anyone, yet they are all really easy to pull off. Check them out to try some for the season of scares. 

     1. The Scary Good Scarecrow  

    The use of orange and blue is not limited to some sweet, stereotypical warm-toned pumpkin-ish Halloween. This scarecrow look from creator suezochan is easy and not at all messy for the beginners. All you need is the regular palette of eyeshadow and a good base and primer to set your makeup.

    2. Creepy Glamorous Clown Halloween Makeup

    This simple yet creepy-enough-for-Halloween makeup look created by Cosmobyhaley is an easy task, even for the beginners. All you need to try is to achieve a sharp smokey eye look complete with glitters, followed by the clown eye look and the spooky smile. Get your eyeshadow platter ready, along with the primer, makeup base, and a bottle of fake blood! You are good to go!

    3. The Melted Pumpkin 

    The Melted Pumpkin look created by dope2111 is a favorite of every beginner for its easy application and fast creation. You don’t need a lot of makeup products to complete this last-minute Halloween look. To create this look, you need some multi stick in brown, black, white, and neutrals, and a well-pigmented eyeshadow palette. Oh yes, a flat brush and a fine brush are equally crucial for this one.

    4. Cracked Makeup Tutorial 

    Here is another Halloween makeup look by dope2111 for someone who is looking for something comfortable yet crazy and attention-grabbing for the Halloween night. All that’s required is a black liner along with a white one to pull off this look. Of course, then you just need a flashy pair of lashes to complete the dramatic look.

    5. The Mummy 

    Dare to wear the Mummy look this Halloween? Follow this tutorial by iluvsarahii for the scary look, which she gets using simple makeup products like facial cream, primer, eyeshadow, contour palette, eyeliner, and yes, a well-invested liquid latex.

    6. Easy Bullet Hole Halloween Makeup & Glitter Lips 

    This Halloween look is sure to turn heads. Make sure to keep your makeup basics and essentials handy, and get the best quality fake blood! You would also need lots of glitters, fake lashes, and a good makeup spray to hold the look for long.

    7. Shot In The Eye 

    If you are looking for something eccentric and unprecedented, yet simple and easy to create, try this look by Elisa-Beth. You would need a liquid latex, fake blood, scab blood, eyeshadow palette, contour palette, and the bases and primers. Follow the tutorial to get one of the scariest looks this Halloween.

    8. Badass Purge Mask     

    The look might seem tough to create, but all you need is 10 minutes of your steady hands to trace the shapes and outlines and fill them up with your eyeshadow and contour palettes. Go, scare others out-of-the-blue with this purger look this Halloween!

    9. Spider Liner Look 

    Take out your liquid liners to create this creepy-crawly spider around your eye. You need the right liners, steady hands, and patience to bring on the right look. Don’t forget to use fanned-out lashes for that extra drama.

    10. Smokey Skull 

    It is time to bring back the old smokey skull look this Halloween, which used to be a craze in the early 2000s. It is the best and the most effortless last-minute look you can go for. Draw a few straight lines near your mouth for a stitched mouth effect and add a smokey eye look. Blend the makeup with a medium-sized fluffy eyeshadow brush.

    11. Floating Head 

    You will need lots of liquid lipstick and dark corners to position yourself post the makeup for the ultimate trickery. This is an easy look and can be created in less than 10 minutes. Follow the tutorial to create the effect of losing your head and make it a sensation over social media.

    12. Creepy Clown Girl 

    Scary clown or a sexy one? Or both? When you can’t decide which one to choose, go for this creepy sexy clown look. You simply need white contact lenses for creating this ultimate mysterious look. Grab a good primer, purple lip color, purple eyeshadow, and black eyeshadow to complete the look.

    13. Scary Halloween for Beginners 

    If this is your first Halloween makeup ever, let this tutorial guide you the best way. You need a good primer, body paints, eyeshadow palette for a smokey eye, and translucent powder. And yes, a few minutes and some patience.

    14. Scarecrow That Ate The Crow 

    Get real creepy and scary with this makeup idea where the scarecrow definitely stands out. This makeup is comfortable for sure, but certainly requires attention to detail. Go through the tutorial to pay attention to the part where the mouth makeup plays an important role.